5 Benefits of Using Electric Bikes

Imagine a quick way to zip across varied terrains while you swerve past obstacles, the air whips past you, and you feel a sense of freedom rushing through you. Yes, an electric two-wheeler offers some exhilarating thrills. Let’s not forget it’s an economical and efficient way to go from point A to B. Plus, it offers the power and speeds you crave too! They’re fast, fun, and pretty much for everyone. Of late, they’re infiltrating most major cities, and their popularity is only increasing.

Electric Bikes

There are many reasons why people take out a two-wheeler loan to buy an electric bike. If you’re looking to embrace this EV future, here are five reasons you should.

Saves money, and you can charge anywhere

Due to the lithium-ion batteries, an electric two-wheeler has higher upfront costs. However, they’ve proven to have a lesser total cost of ownership and save money in the long term. Another big selling point is “fueling” up on electricity is cheaper than filling petrol. The average mileage a petrol scooter gives you is 50-80 kilometres per litre. You can expect the same mileage with an electric bike at 15% of the cost of one litre of petrol.

On top of high petrol prices, constantly running to fill fuel is nothing short of tedious. With electric bikes, you can skip the petrol bunk and ‘fill-up’ at home. Simply plug in, and it’s ‘fueled up’ by morning for an easy-breezy drive.

Low maintenance

Securing a two-wheeler loan and buying a bike is one thing, but maintenance is another ball game. Electric bikes are a good way to ride around worry-free, especially if you’re not hands-on and prefer minimal maintenance. A lot less can go wrong with nearly no intricacies with fluid, combustion engine, valves, clutch, air filter, throttle, etc. Of course, parts like the tires and brake pads require a little TLC here and there, but nothing scheduled maintenance cannot be taken care of.

Government incentives on electric bikes

The Indian Government offers major incentives for EV owners like income-tax rebates on loan, 5% less GST on EVs, exemption from registration fees and road tax, and additional subsidies. Every state government further adds attractive offers and schemes which help bring down the cost of your EV.

Enjoy performance, speed, and features

Gone are the days when electric bikes were slow and steady. Today’s bikes have extremely high torque output and smooth and quick pick up, which leaves gas-powered bikes far behind. You can expect a top speed of nearly 80km, and some go from 0-40 km in about 3 to 6 seconds.

Let’s not forget some features that a few electric bikes sport. You have a full-colour digital display that connects to your smartphone, regenerative braking, a USB charging socket, LED lights, multiple riding modes, in-built Google Maps navigation, and more.


A list of the advantages of an electric scooter is incomplete without mentioning how eco-friendly they are. The story of this era is climate change, and an electric two-wheeler is a frontrunner in this aspect. They don’t emit any emissions and use only a small amount of electricity. Plus, they’re an absolutely noiseless option that brings down noise pollution drastically.

If you’re a bike and environmentalist enthusiast who’s looking for an affordable and reliable bike, then look no further than electric ones. You know, when you’re looking for two-wheeler loan interest rates, there’s no guilt as you’ve picked a green alternative. It’s time to take a two-wheeler loan and be the proud owner of a green vehicle.

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