‘Ang Probinsyana’: Yassi Pressman on glamour and beauty

MANILA, Philippines — “Ang Probinsyano” lead actress Yassi Pressman does now not keep her glamor and beauty to herself.


She is proud to show everyone her selfies, pix, and videos whilst taping, boxing, working out inside the gymnasium, doing differences and simply having amusing.

Yassin’s social media money owed are complete of lifestyles and color, and she says she does no longer want a branded smartphone to do this kind of.

Yassi has simply been named as an ambassador of the new Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom, touted as the sector’s slimmest and lightest five.five-inch phone with a 5000mAh battery and a twin digital camera system that pursuits to make makeup precise photos in each shot.

whilst Yossi is busy operating on her next film undertaking which is still private, she attempts to spend extra time along with her circle of relatives and cognizance on her work.

Guidelines for getting Hair and beauty Make makeup

Nowadays, most women are hair and splendor aware, mainly young adults. Hair and beauty make-supplies have now emerged makeup crucial to them. Some even can not depart their home without using or making use of these gadgets and they sense surely uncomfortable without applying beauty merchandise. They have this need to look quite in everybody’s eyes and having those Make makeup and the use of it is the pleasant manner to beautify or decorate their selves. Understanding that they look pretty, it may raise their self-assurance. It’s quite uncommon to discover someone who does not use even the small amount of make make-up or pores and skin care merchandise. However, before buying a splendor or hair make-apply makeup, they usually have the identical question, what to shop for?



Permit’s communicated about choosing the right shampoo to apply first. There are cleaning shampoos used to stability and control oil, anti-dandruff for flake manage and anti-itch, infant shampoo that’s tear-free and the maximum not unusual is the conditioning shampoo for smoothing and furnishing your hair. This is commonly referred to as a normal shampoo. To make their hair greater look gorgeous, after using shampoo, A few apply conditioner. This may polish your hair or provide shine to it. For A few ladies who’re more into style, they apply A few brief highlights or everlasting color of their hair. This enhances the natural beauty of the hair. Many of the women now want to be greater brilliant and staggering, so That is where cosmetics are wished. In historical instances, become used simplest used sparingly, But these days its miles used as a part of a daily routine. generally, That is used by many to make their faces look extra colorful and sparkling. This is how critical hair and splendor make-supplies are for a modern-day female.

Correct and right use of splendor products now and again assists deliver out the natural splendor of the skin. Concealers and foundations are used to cool their pores and skin coloration, to cover their imperfections. Some apply make as much as construct self-self belief. It makes them experience greater quite because it complements the functions of the face. women nowadays need to look distinct each day and make makeup enables them to renew their self By using matching it with their garments and shoe coloration. Adding A few lip gloss or lipstick can come make makeup the proper attention. It gives coloration, protection, and will make-up with plump lips. Eyeliners and mascara are also used to provide glamor and attraction in your eyes.


Before you buy anything, make sure that you always use the proper hair and beauty merchandise. from time to time, there are synthetic beauty cosmetics that can significantly harm your pores and skin and frame if not used nicely. continually buy people who first-class fits to you. Do your studies about a product first earlier than buying. For individuals who do not have sufficient beauty Elements or cosmetics that can be used for my part and make-up in salons, you ought to constantly look for hair and make-up make-up that are low priced yet with nice.
Your skin Care and beauty routine – How Does It Measure Up?

While selecting a pores and skin care routine, it’s miles important to apply all the steps from the equal brand due to the fact they’re formulated to paintings collectively. do not use a bit of this set and a piece of that set. Additionally, make sure to use All the steps in a pores and skin care set. You wouldn’t bake a cake and omit the flour, might you?

Wash your face very well earlier than making use of make-up and glamor cosmetics. deliver yourself a nice facial. An artist would not paint a masterpiece on a stained or dingy canvas, proper?

While making use of your facial skin care purifier, use mild strokes so as not to pull on your skin. Mask need to now not be carried out too close to the mouth or the attention area. Toner and moisturizer spherical out the facial and now you are make-up for basis and colour cosmetics.

Proper splendor comes from inside, and make-makeup and cosmetics, in reality, decorate that. In case your pores and skin care and beauty routine does not involve lots of glamor makeup, do not worry. A few shades of impartial or sheer cosmetics will give you makeup that unique glow and appearance of natural beauty. Take note of your nail cropping and pedicure as well.


For goodness sakes, don’t doze off with make-make makeup or cosmetics on. It’s expected that for each night time you do, your skin a while By means of 12 days! make makeup yourself a quick facial earlier than you hit the sheets. It is referred to as pores and skin Care for a purpose.

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