Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android

As in keeping with a look at undertaken through research company IDC, it concludes that Android had seventy-five % of the market percentage compared to just 14.9% for Apple as of Q3 in 2012. The android was still beforehand of Apple in 2011 as nicely with a 57.Five% marketplace share. However, a study from app analytics states that App shops’ monthly sales are three hundred% extra than Google Play.


Let’s find out why Apple makes greater dollars than Android:

Primary Reason – Apple has Dedicated Users

According to the consumer loyalty survey by AskYourTargetMarket, 22% of Android customers plan to transport to an iPhone within the subsequent six months. The motives are pretty apparent to iPhone users. IOS offers better safety and is much less liable to malware. Customers agree with the App Store apps to be free from prying or malicious codes. In Android, it isn’t easy to get user updates. The Android update feature has been bad because of its inception, and there seems to be no wish for its improvement. At the same time, Apple offers three one-of-a-kind models to select from. All its contemporary models may be upgraded without difficulty with the modern safety and OS updates. Apple may be very critical approximately app submissions and has stringent policies for the manner. Not every app could make it to the Apple app shop. Thus customers may be assured that their apps are significantly at ease and functionality. Even for its gadgets, Apple makes use of wonderful components. The iPhone 5 has surpassed Galaxy S III, and iPhone 4S is sudden with its show of LTE performance.

Few extra motives why Apple dominates the moolah:

Apple Offers Great Tech Support

When caught with any Apple trouble, simply go to an Apple shop or absolutely call an Apple tech. You can even timetable an appointment using Genius Bar and be confident that you’ll be attended to. Compared to Android, Apple boasts of an excellent aid group as they may be brief and spark off to resolve user troubles.

Apple Products have a Good Battery Life.

Apple provides a superior battery to its merchandise. For example, the iPad from Apple. Not best that, but Apple lays a lot of focus on battery control as well. Unlike Android, Apple’s longer-lasting batteries make multi-tasking clean and extra productive.

Apple Delivers What it Promises.

Apple does now not accept as true within giving crapware with its iDevices. Unlike Android or Nexus S, you may be assured that while you purchase an Apple device, you may not get an additional range of apps you never asked for. This is due to the fact Apple lays a whole lot of strain on security and malware safety.

Apple provides an Intuitive User Interface.


Designers and builders at Apple follow many notions in designing intuitive and clever interfaces for its gadgets. Users can effortlessly get a dangle of them, and even first-time users no longer require any steering while using iOS devices. Unlike Android, the Apple devices are appealing, simple to analyze, and welcoming.

To Conclude

Based on any other take a look at my App Annie, it’s far revealed that iOS revenues fell with the aid of zero.7% as compared to Google Play. With ever-growing bulk app submissions at Google Play, this is virtually no longer proper information for Apple. To stay dominant in the marketplace, Apple might re-paintings their existing version of app submissions and unfasten their approval method, or else they will lose the struggle to Google Play.

The last 6 months have seen great modifications within the technological environment. Apple started it all off with the introduction of the iPad mini and iPhone five, Microsoft accompanied in shape with their new operating system “Windows 8″ which coincided with the release of the Windows Phone 8, leaving Google, who delivered their contemporary Chromebook just final month, the third era in their Chromebooks on account that their inception in 2011.

A couple of questions should be requested… What does market share their operating systems have on the laptop and mobile/tablet markets, and who’s going to pop out on top in the long term? It appears vital to offer a chunk of history to each new product/device. Firstly, Windows eight is designed for tablets and PC’s, which gives it more alternatives as human beings are slowly transferring over from PCs to tablets. Consequently, it appears that, evidently, Microsoft is moving in the proper direction. Sales for thAfter0 days are equal t, sales for the gadgets that its predecessor, Windows 7. When the marketplace is a lot extra crowded in evaluation to a time in which Windows 7 and the iOS operating structures were main the way, it could display that they’re doing nicely. Next, Apple added the iPad Mini and iPhone 5. As I have stated earlier than in preceding posts, it simply indicates that they may be seeking to crowd the marketplace while counting on the devoted Apple enthusiasts to buy their most recent releases. Finally, Google has countered the others by introducing the present-day Chromebook, which has enabled the Chrome running machine to use touchscreens. The complete cause, or intention, is for Google to make deeper inroads into Microsoft’s center enterprise, Windows.

In terms of current market proportion (as of February 2013), Windows are absolutely leading the way with a desktop running system market percentage of 93%, with iOS holding five% and the others representing the closing 2%. One factor that desires to be mentioned; 39% of that marketplace proportion is represented using Windows XP, which is turning into very previous as people are determining to shift over to tablets rather than updating their running system on their PC’s. In phrases of the cell/tablet working system marketplace proportion, iOS is leading at 55%, with Android at 25%, whereas Windows Phone presently holds simply over a 1% share. This is a fascinating find. Clearly, the new Windows eight operating gadget for mobiles/pills has best been in circulating for four months. However, it simply indicates that Microsoft has arrived too past due to the party. They are shifting in the right direction; they’re simply multiple years too late.


In the long term, I can see Google main the manner. Apple is currently leading the way because the tablet/cellular market is becoming the largest, but the loss of Steve Jobs is a huge one. Microsoft, as I stated, has arrived too overdue to the celebration. They may additionally hold the overpowering majority of market percentage within the laptop market. However, it’s far slowly shrinking. They have attempted to counter this with Windows 8. However, Google and Apple got there. First, that is the entirety. IOS and Android are leading the way inside the cell and tablet markets, with many people loyal to one among them. Yes, people do like an exchange, however no longer sufficient to give Microsoft lots of danger. I can see Google main the way due to the dearth of initiative proven via Microsoft and Apple is currently headed, a stalemate. They need an inspirational chief to drive the company on what has made them what they may be nowadays, innovative.

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