5 Top Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

In addition to hospitable human beings, Pakistan is domestic to many breathtaking websites. Are you planning to travel to Pakistan and don’t know the places you ought to go to? Here are five of the exceptional locations that you need to visit:


Faisal Mosque

Located at the north cease of Faisal Avenue in Islamabad, the Faisal Mosque is the largest. Vedat Dalokay, a Turkish architect, designed it, and it became the most important mosque in the global from 1986-1993.

The mosque is well-known for its Bedouin tent look, and it covers an area of fifty-four,00 square feet. The fundamental participant corridor can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers. The mosque is named after King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saud Arabia, who financed the challenge.

Neelam Valley

It’s a 2 hundred km valley that runs via a thick woodland. It’s located in the northeast of Muzaffarabad, one of Pakistan’s foremost cities and the capital metropolis of Azaad Kashmir. The valley is understood for its springs, lakes, streams, lush greenery, stunning hills, and sloppy mountains.

To get to the valley, you need to use the street. It would be best if you worded that the road from Karen to Kel isn’t in a proper situation; therefore, you must use a high ground car.

While you are in the town, there are many different regions that you may visit. They encompass purple citadel, Kaghan valley, Subri Lake, Danna, Jehlum valley, Lahar Gali, Makra mountain, Pir Chinese, and Machiara countrywide park.

Wagah Border

This is the border between Pakistan, Lahore, and Amritsar in India. It’s acknowledged for its day-by-day flag-lowering rite that’s accomplished with the aid of each international location (India and Pakistan) before sunset. During the ceremony, foot soldiers from both nations carry out a parade, which decreases flags. The squaddies then fold the flags and trade handshakes.

The maximum laugh factor is this ceremony is witnessed daily by spectators in Lahore and Amritsar, wherein there’s chanting and singing. To witness the ceremony, you handiest want to be on the border earlier than sundown.

Pir Sohawa

It stands on the Margalla hills at an elevation of 5000 ft. In addition to providing you with a panoramic view of Pakistan, the spot also affords you first-rate places wherein you could take leisure walks. Due to its nature, this spot is right for picnics and enjoying the cool breeze of the hills. You can also go to the site to definitely experience the panoramic view of Pakistan.

Swat Valley


It’s additionally known as the Switzerland of Pakistan because of its superb beauty. In addition to being a valley, it is also the executive district within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Some of the sites that you may visit encompass: Mahodand valley and lake, Ushu Forest, Malam Jabba, Boner, Swat museum, Bahrain, Kalam, Saidu Sharif, and Der.


These are some of the pleasant places that you can go to in Pakistan. It’s frequently stated that seeing is believing so, stop reading about Pakistan within the papers-come and go to this amazing u. S.

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