Different Types of Locks for Exterior Doors Winnipeg

When purchasing a new door in Winnipeg, homeowners have to think about various other factors and the door itself. Since there are different options and recommendations for exterior door hardware, homeowners can rest assured to find everything according to their requirements. So, whether they are in search of safer and efficient options or want something stylish, below are some important parts or accessories to always take care of:

1. Important Door Accessories

As a matter of fact, locks are the most important part of exterior doors that remain workable and in good condition to keep inhabitants and valuables safe from possible thefts. Every homeowner has to take good care of their locks and add a little flair to grab everyone’s attention.

Exterior Doors Winnipeg

2. Entry Lockset

Entry locksets have turned out of the crucial yet common part of exterior doors in Winnipeg. They offer moderate security but do not look unattractive and large, just like other doors. They can be locked from both sides and have a dead latch for easy operation. The best part is that they have many styles and colors, including door handles and knobs.

3. Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks are capable of providing optimal security without compromising on appearance. The reason behind calling them deadbolt locks is that they do not have springs for operation. They usually lock to the frame and become an easy target for burglars to open easily. So, homeowners have to be really careful in selecting the right size because they have to fit properly, or else there is no reason to purchase a lock.

4. Privacy Lock

Privacy locks are designed to be installed in the interior. They offer more privacy than security, meaning that they are ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms. They give a less crowded and sleek look while works as a button to lock doors from inside. This button is present on the doorknob or installed separately. However, people can open the door from outside by inserting a pointed, narrow object into the small hole.

5. Mortise Lock

They are flat boxes intended to fit into the door’s recess. They look much like deadbolt locks but need homeowners to take proper measurements to pick the right styles and sizes. They are available in left and right-handed styles and contain a handle or knob, just like the entry lockset. It uses a pin tumbler locking mechanism to lock on either side.

6. Electronic Door Lock

Unlike the above locks, electronic door locks need a security code to operate properly. They have a numeric button pad, from zero to nine, to create a code of 4 or 5 digits.

7. Night Latch

They are commonly found in older apartment buildings or hotels. They are installed at the door surface and are responsible for holding their position even when opened. Night latches are provided with chains that make this door lock type more efficient as compared to others. So, while looking for exterior doors, the rule of thumb is to know what the home needs and select accordingly.

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