How to Download All Your Google Photos Albums to Computer

Google Photos is extra than just a gallery app. It’s a first-rate image backup carrier that also churns out neat edits occasionally. Plus, you can always go back in time to test your antique reminiscences. And the coolest issue is that you can search both through dates, area, and in addition to textual content. Over time, Google Photos accumulates lots and thousands of these reminiscences. So, how do you download these kinds of pictures for your laptop (or cellphone) right now? For starters, selective downloading is out of the query if you want to download more than a dozen photos. The guide process of downloading the pics is an excessive amount of a hassle. Then there’s the inconvenience of unzipping the documents, after which re-arranging the photographs according to your preference. More importantly, there is no help for outside downloaders or to resume downloads later. In brief, it’s a time-ingesting and unpredictable affair.

So, what do you do in such situations?

Well, how does the concept of downloading all your Google Photos, Albums, and Shared albums in one area for your computer sound? Not simplest will you get the entirety beneath one roof, but they also do not soak up space in your system.

How to Download All Your Google Photos Albums


We’ll take the useful resource of a third-party device named RaiDrive. This one creates a network pressure of Google Photos’ garage on your PC, and in this manner helps you to discover all of your documents and folders from the ease of Windows Explorer. Yep, there’s your space saved because it would not sync the entire folder/drive on your PC.

Step 1: After you put in the tool, click on the Add icon at the top. That will come up with the option to pick which Google carrier you would like to connect. Step 2: Next, choose Google Photos from the box. At this point, the app will give you a choice to select the pressure call. While the default call is Z, you can choose any letter of your desire from the drop-down.

Step 3: Now assign a name to the Drive. Since I have connected multiple other community drives, it lets me distinguish among all the drives.

Once you’ve demonstrated all the settings (Reconnect at signal-in, Proxy), hit the OK button. You’ll be asked for the Google Account information and the required permissions.
Step 4: After the app verifies your credentials, your Google Photos account might be connected to arrive.

Initially, you won’t see tons of development as the tool will first index, then pull the content material in your PC. The excellent part of RaiDrive’s Network Drive is that each of your pictures is arranged well into folders that you may browse effectively. Plus, the Sharing folder will comprise all of the photographs and albums you have shared with your buddies and friends.

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