How Long Will My Slip And Fall Case Take?

Slip and fall cases have become increasingly common in the recent past. The rise in the number of such cases has encouraged legal practitioners to try and resolve the cases within the shortest time possible. But for your slip and fall case to be completed, several things must be in place.

Establishing Liability

Most slip and fall cases begin with the liability being contested. The majority of defendants accused of being responsible in these cases try to show that they had taken the necessary precaution. Because of this, your case might take longer as the involved parties try to establish the person or organization that is liable.

The process of establishing liability can be sophisticated, especially for a person who does not have the necessary experience. You might not know all the laws that give you the right to sue for compensation if certain conditions were not met nor the length of time your case may take. As a result, you should avoid handling your slip and fall accident case alone and instead hire an experienced slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles. The attorney there will deal with most of the legal issues and ensure your accident case is given the seriousness it deserves.

Fall Case

Waiting For the Medical Reports

For a slip and fall case to be resolved, the extent of your injury must be clear. The parties involved need to know the extent of the damage so that the compensation can be fair. There are times when the conclusion of such a case must wait until the injured person is healed.

The importance of determining the injury’s extent is to avoid the amount paid being lower than the medical costs incurred. You might agree to resolve the case quickly because you need the money, and then the injury fails to heal as expected. In such a situation, the injured person will incur extra costs to get treatment for the escalating injury since you cannot go back to the negotiating table to get extra money. Consequently, it is better to wait until the injury’s extent is clearly determined to allow the compensation to be fair.

Heavy Litigation

Some slip and fall litigation cases require heavy litigation, especially if the cases involve serious injuries. Such cases usually require experts and lawyers to establish different facts regarding the dynamics of the accident. Such processes may take a lot of time because even the minor details need careful analysis.

Experts’ litigation and presence can be even higher if the person injured cannot testify or explain how the accident happened. The person might have suffered serious injuries such as brain damage, and as a result, he or she cannot participate in the case. In such a case, the slip and fall accident scene needs reconstruction to establish what resulted in the accident.

It is challenging to give a slip and fall case a timeline, especially because such cases involve many processes. But you can significantly shorten the time by working with a competent attorney who knows the details required and therefore avails them without delays.

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