How To Create an Easy Menu Bar in Google Blogger

I’ve been chatting back and forth with a blogger comrade this weekend due to the fact she had a few questions about how to higher arrange her blog for her readers. Specifically, she desired with a view to creating a menu bar so readers could without difficulty discover posts she has written on specific subjects. There are a couple approaches to do that, but the easiest way is to place your Blogger Labels to give you the results you want.

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If you have been concerned with website or weblog introduction at all, you have probably come to understand that Google is ready as hard to crack in regards to search engine optimization hints and tricks as a Rubik’s Cube (notice: when you have ever cracked a Rubik’s cube, simply depart now. I am now not smart sufficient to be in your vicinity. You should be involved approximately getting dumber with the aid of the second. So, off with you). However, via piecing bits of statistics accumulated from numerous assets, I actually have located that the Labels in Blogger don’t do a whole lot in regards to search engine marketing. Having 25 labels in keeping with submitting questioning they act as keywords for Google search optimization, likely isn’t going to help too much with seeking engine scores. It can help with the internal company of your blog by way of making it less difficult for customers to find particular styles of content material, but may not make you the number one list on Google for that term.

This turned into a primary bummer for me, due to the fact I thought if I simply typed in “Super Awesome Blog” in my Blogger Label box, anyone Googling outstanding first-rate weblog would certainly locate me. Not so. So sad. I will in no way be Super Awesome (crying in my win… Er, coffee). But, they’re very beneficial in getting people to locate topical content on your weblog, especially whilst used consistently. So allow’s create a menu bar from your Labels to maximize their effectiveness and usefulness internally.

Step One: Create a Master Labels List

Come up with a listing of five-7 words (i.E. Master Labels) that describe your posts. For example, any post I write this is approximately what’s on my mind, my mind, my private reports gets the label “Martini Musings”. Anything that involves my family receives the label “The Monkey House”. Recipes get categorized “Recipes” etc. You can upload extra labels to every publish as nicely. For instance, I will label this post “Mo’ Bettah Blogging” (from my Master Label List), however, I might also consist of “Labels, Menu Bar, How-To, and Blogger Tips” when I outline my labels for this publish. Not a lot due to the fact I desire it’ll assist with Google search indexing, but because it might help you because the reader discovers this publish based totally on the ones seek terms if you do an internal website online seek.

Step Two: Edit Each Existing Post

Once you come up with a concise listing of subjects that your posts may be categorized through, go through and edit your present labels in each put up to include one or two of those “Master Labels”. You can create labels for each publishes by means of including them to the “Labels” segment underneath the Post Settings located to the proper of your post editor. (Heh? I’m Lost. Help!… When you are writing a put up, appearance to your right. See all that stuff? One is known as labels… Advert your master label and any other applicable seek term in there).

Step Three: Add The Label Widget (if you haven’t already)

Now that all your posts are categorized via the five-7 phrases or subjects that comprise your “Master Label List”, you want to feature a Labels Widget for your layout. Go to Layout, and “Add a device” (it would not matter where, because we will be transferring it).

Choose the Labels machine.

Step Four: Edit The Labels Gadget

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You could be given a couple options to customise the machine. Choose the radio button that asserts “Selected Labels” after which click “edit”. All the labels you have ever used will come up in a list. Check the container subsequent to the labels used in your Master List ONLY. You see I best have 7 out of 89 labels checked. ALSO, Make certain you check the radio field for “List” Rather than “Cloud”. Click “Save”.

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