Five Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty In Northern England

Northern England is a paradise for those looking to retreat to a tranquil haven ways from the bustle of towns. The landscape right here is lovely, proposing many tiers of hills and dales, as well as the famous Lake District, and the villages that dot the nation-state are ageless in their appeal and enchantment.

Natural Beauty

Upper Wharfedale

Upper Wharfedale is one of the maximum picturesque of the Yorkshire Dales, with its forests and open fields and its sweeping hills marked by swathes of white limestone. This fabulous corner of Northern England is a popular retreat for human beings seeking to find out its several walking trails or actually lose themselves in the atmosphere of its medieval villages. History seems to be a part of the land right here, from the ruins of Barden Tower to the scenic grounds surrounding Bolton Abbey. The village of Burnsall has been called the prettiest in England, even as Grassington draws visitors with gala’s dedicated to tune and the works of Dickens.

Lake Windermere

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful areas in England, and its crowning jewel is Lake Windermere. The ten-mile expanse of this lake, the biggest frame of water in England, is ready in a lovely panorama of forests, hills, and farmland inside the identical region that became the inspiration for the works of Beatrix Potter. The best city at the banks of Lake Windermere is Bowness-on-Windermere, a famous boating hotel, but the ruins of the Roman citadel Galvan may be located on its northern shore.

Chatsworth House

The dramatic Baroque facade of Chatsworth House is the most iconic sight inside the Derbyshire Dales. This stately mansion stands on the banks of the River Derwent and is the centerpiece of impressive grounds that function miles of parkland and farms. Deer roam the land around Chatsworth House, and Elizabethan homes consisting of the Hunting Tower and Queen Mary’s Bower praise the scene. Mary Queen of Scots turned into held as a prisoner in Chatsworth house, and many British nobles have made their home here.


Located in the fabulous Pennine Hills, the village of Holmfirth seems to have been hewn from the rock of its surroundings. The stone cottages and cobbled streets seem to be a great part of the nation-state as the hills and the quarries, or the trees and the flora. This little village is steeped in history and is strolling distance from the Peak District National Park and the moor of Holme Moss. Holmfirth turned into the vicinity for the TV collection Last of the Summer Wine. These days, it’s miles a thriving marketplace city recognized for its unbiased stores and several festivals devoted to art, film, and cooking.

Natural Beauty

Malham Tarn Estate

Malham Tarn Estate consists of parcels of farmland and wooded area surrounding the tarn itself, a glacial lake inside the beautiful Pennine Dales. The lake is surrounded through wetlands which have been precise a National Nature Reserve, and those in flip deliver manner to rolling hills and moors. A short manner from the Estate is the town of Malham, that’s the proper domestic base for humans trying to find out the herbal splendor of this place. From here, visitors can spark off on strolling or cycling journeys or head to the tarn for a pleasing day of fishing.

One of the best methods to discover the lovely landscapes of Northern England is to take a helicopter delight flight. The many sights of this area can be composed into one sweeping panorama, and the view from the air offers a brand new and exciting perspective. After the flight, site visitors may have a new appreciation for the size and grandeur of their surroundings and could take domestic recollections so that it will close a lifetime.

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Natural Beauty

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