New Book Reminds Us of Life’s True Purpose

In our contemporary, rapid-paced, era-driven global, we are so continuously interrupted by thousands of commercials, constant beeping textual content messages, and endless tweets that it is straightforward for us to head off track and neglect our genuine motive in life to learn how to be better human beings, to evolve and enhance, and to apply what we learn how to make a distinction in the international.

Life's True Purpose

Rob Whalley brings us lower back to the basics by using reminding us of the Golden Rule and everything else we learned, or need to have found out, in life, along with his easy, honest, and poignant new ebook, “In Life School.” As the subtitle expresses, “Living Is Your Classroom, Experience Is Your Teacher; Loving Is Your Test.” Just because we graduate from high school or maybe earn a Ph.D. no longer means we never stop gaining knowledge. We are in no way going to be clever sufficient, knowledgeable enough, or even sensible enough now not to acquire every other existence lesson.

Rob has spent his own studying about lifestyles’ authentic cause, and inside the procedure, he has found out all the instructions he offers in this book. He has been a finished writer and performer of music, been married and divorced, made lots of money, and almost lost all of it. He has recognized moments of notable pleasure, and he has recognized moments of despair. In different phrases, he has learned his existence classes and discovered them nicely.

Now, in this e-book, he gives up many lifetimes of awareness. Many humans could write an e-book about their stories; however, whilst Rob includes a few non-public tales from his life, he isn’t any writer of a straightforward autobiography. As a songwriter, he has a love for musical language. So he weaves together diverse strands of poetry, inspirational fees, illustrative stories, proverbs, and personal stories to create a fugue of expertise that clearly has to turn out to be his magnum opus.

It is tough to discover phrases to describe an e-book that reads like a songwriter’s treasure chest, but the reader will appreciate every bankruptcy packed with gemstones. This e-book is one you can examine time and again, and on every occasion, you will locate something new to make you pause and rethink your life. It also can be opened randomly at any point to have an inspirational quote or an awe-inspiring story leap out at you and come up with recommendations or phrases of understanding to help you thru a tough time.

Rather than calling them chapters, in step with his faculty subject, Rob divides the ebook into sections he calls “courses.” There are sixteen in all, and everyone specializes in a primary existence lesson, which includes: Feeling Your Emotions, Happiness, Gratitude, Everything is Happening for a Reason, Forgiveness, Taking Action, and Loving Is Your Test. Each of those classes is broken down further into various testimonies, poems, song lyrics, creeds, or workbook classes. The range maintains the e book’s momentum going and lends the book a tone of expertise and peace. In fact, as I studied, I felt that peace came exuding from these pages in the long run. It might not be too much to compare Rob’s tone to Eckhart Tolle’s, but I discover Rob’s writing more on hand, written in a language we can all understand, and greater memorable as a result.

Life's True Purpose

I can not adequately describe all the stories, poems, and words of information on this ebook in a quick ebook assessment, but I will mention some parts that stood out for me. I loved Rob’s tales approximately browsing in Mexico, a tug of struggle among a shark and an automobile, and how his quick-thinking as a teenager saved his and his pals’ lives. I favored all of the inspirational charges from well-known and ordinary humans that he weaves together; more than one of my favorites were: “You are superbly enough! Your stories of ‘now not true enough’ are fictional novels, written by way of a way of life still hiding its mild under a bushel of shame” stated by way of his Facebook friend, Jeff Brown, who’s additionally the author of Ascending With Both Feet On The Ground. Another great quote is by way of the nineteenth-century logician William James, “The greatest revolution of our era is the discovery that human beings, by way of converting the internal attitudes in their minds, can alternate the outer components of their lives.”

Changing our attitudes is a large theme for the duration of “In Life School.” Positive wondering oozes out of each page. Rob is honestly a believer in the Law of Attraction, and many of his stories and questions ask us to take a look at our very own perceptions and the judgments we make approximately others and lifestyles. Then Rob indicates how a simple alternative of mindset can make all of the difference to us. One ideal instance Rob shares is the story of “The Three Hairs.” I’ll share the primary paragraph to offer you a taste of the way a fine attitude can alternate our lives:

“There once became a female who awakened one morning, appeared within the replicate and observed she had only 3 hairs on her head. ‘Well,’ she stated, ‘I suppose I’ll braid my hair today.’ So she did, and they had a tremendous day.”

But infinite other memories in the book train different essential classes. For instance, there may be a gorgeous parable approximately how a cow and a mouse could help one another demonstrate how everything that happens affects each person, so we ought to all paintings together for the common right.

I also liked Rob’s writing process. Much of this book became written via Facebook posts he wrote to assist himself pull via tough times in his life. He quickly acquired tons of feedback from his thousands of followers, confirming that his posts have also supported and provoked them. This high-quality reaction advocated he jot down his book in hopes of helping even more humans. Furthermore, it’s miles obvious from the poetic smoothness of Rob’s writing that he took no end of care, laboring over every phrase in this ebook to tie all the mind, thoughts, stories collectively, and lyrics to make it study like poetry.

Life's True Purpose

If you need to make fundamental changes in your existence or simply need a touch cheering up, “In Life School” can deliver that lift you want to be dwelling your satisfactory life today!. Personally, I think it is the correct commencement gift to give to the high school or university graduate. It would even make a pleasing retirement gift for those who might otherwise assume they are accomplished learning. Our lifestyles classes never end, and they can frequently be tough until we see them as possibilities to become higher, wiser, and happier in the long run. Rob Whalley has learned the one’s training, though he’d be the first to tell you there can be greater for him to analyze as properly-perhaps sooner or later, he’s going to write every other ebook for that very purpose. In the intervening time, we will enjoy reading and gain knowledge of “In Life School” again and again.

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