Sports quota: Delhi University to scrap centralised health checks

New Delhi: Even as The Haze  bringing approximately some fundamental changes in admissions primarily based on Sports activities quota, Delhi College has determined to scrap the centralized health take a look at for Sports from the approaching instructional consultation. The fitness check might now be based totally on a particular sport or a sport and could be held together with the pains for the sport at the colleges itself. Additionally, the Sports quota admissions could be based totally on the 60-forty formula in place of the 50-50 method. In keeping with a senior University reputable, changes are being made inside the admission method of the Sports activities quota so one can make the method more obvious.


“This year, four kinds of modifications have been made, consisting of the choice to cast off the centralized health take a look at and undertaking a game-based health test. This will permit us to decide the health parameters of the student in that specific sport/recreation. Secondly, the weight of the Sports trial marks and certificate has been improved to 60 and forty in step with cent respectively,” he said.

Until final 12 months, each trial and certificates carried 50 according to cent weight each. Further, the trial take a look at is split into three sub-classes: sport unique health test, overall gambling capacity, and check of fundamental capabilities of a sportsperson.



Any other foremost trade is that it’d be mandatory to score at the least 30 consistent with cent out of 60 according to cent marks. Trials will include factors for Sports, essential skills, and playing abilities. However, not anything has been determined about the wide variety of factors to be presented for every degree yet. Till final year, it turned into mandatory to get at least 25 in the 50 in line with cent weight of the trial.

The fourth trade is that the class smart Sports certificate listing could now be made to be had in a ‘drop down’ menu divided into nine heads. The aspirants will simply choose/mark the category beneath which his/her sports certificate lies, and will add the scanned copy of the same on-line. The University may also make the verification of the uploaded certificate on-line.

Monika became deliberately and forcefully withdrawn from the Indian squad hours earlier than she becomes to board the flight to Beijing for failing a dope check. Later it was introduced that she became cleared of costs via the Sports activities Authority of India (SAI). To her dismay, she was no longer allowed to participate in the Olympics.

Who will make her losses? It’s miles four years of willpower, hard paintings, and perseverance that has been washed away by using an alleged doping fee. The culprits have to be discovered and punished legally for assassinating the character and career of Monika Devi. They need to Also pay large reimbursement to her.

Well, the Beijing Olympics is now a record and several data had been made to be broken once more at the 2012 London Olympics. India is satisfied this time with 3 Olympic medals. India has received the first-ever gold in a man or woman occasion together with two bronze medals. It is improving now. However, how will Indian Sports activities shine when there are controversies, conspiracy, and nepotism?


Monika episode is an eye fixed opener to the Unpleasant regulations of the game officials who are playing lavish existence, drawing huge salaries from the authorities for the sake of promoting Sports activities in the country. It’s far a conspiracy between the officers and players. This happens anywhere in the world. But, there should be a few ways to address such grimy bureaucrats. Politicizing the Monika issue might be a wrong step. If the humans do not react and agitated in a accurate course, it’s going to stop as a blame sport, never to provide justice to her.

Monika Devi, a Manipur-born and wedded to a non-Manipuri weightlifting coach, Santosh Kumar ought to definitely recognize the scenario she is facing now. She cannot kill her sporting career by politicizing the debatable problems; she have to realise herself as one of the vibrant prospects for Indian Sports activities in coming years. It is unwise for her to engage herself within the explore for truth. She ought to no longer forget the ethics, discipline and sportsmanship of a participant. Permit her husband wholeheartedly combat to deliver justice to his Meetei wife. He would possibly understand how to cope with those Indian officers in Delhi.

It is absurd to call widespread strikes in Manipur state, any shape of mass protests and burning the effigies of the Leader Minister of Manipur and different Political leaders of India. The Monika case is not a political problem; as an alternative It’s far a non-public count between the officers and Monika. No political events or leaders can solve her case. As an alternative of getting justice, the participant would possibly stop her sporting career.

This is a struggle wherein she can combat on my own in a true sportsmanship. She must show to the world, the Chinese opponents or the Ukrainian player that she isn’t a failure. She must be ready to undertaking them in different Global championships once more. It’s a fake delight for her to proclaim that she would possibly win a medal inside the Beijing Olympics.

Presently Monika is fifteenth within the international ranking. Her report elevate is just 235 kg in International competition. That is manner at the back of the Bronze prevailing lift of 250 kg by means of the Ukrainian lifter, Natalya Davydova. It is wrong to underestimate the opponent player without collaborating in the opposition. Be organized, paintings harder, fight and proudly stand inside the prevailing podium. Such ” I would Do” phrases are regularly heard from Indian politicians, It is better she must stay away from politics and their political rhetoric.

It’s far Sports that give Monika a Havildar submit in Relevant Reserve Police Pressure (CRPF) and an awesome non-Manipuri husband. She has no right to blame the Indian. She ought to have country wide feeling and pride. Will she capable of intense her courting with Santosh, an Indian? not feasible. It became the Navy Chief JJ Singh who feeds her for the silver medal in Melbourne Commonwealth Video games with a cash award of Rs seventy-five,000.

It’s far sad that human beings of Manipur seem to overlook what is the cost of Sports activities in their lifestyles. After agriculture, Sports activities are Another avenue for the task. 80% of Manipuri running in Primary authorities departments are thru Sports quota. It is through Sports activities that the Manipuri race is known via the Worldwide network.

Today, politics find a manner into the Sports in Manipur. A conspiracy to stop Monika from collaborating the Olympics has end up a political trouble. It has a bad effect on the minds of gamers in the state. Mass protest rallies had been prepared with the aid of gamers from exceptional localities of the country. a few have determined not to participate in Global and national Sports activities competition. Why such politics in Sports? Will Monika get justice with their selection of boycotting the opposition? who’re the losers? It isn’t always India so that it will lose; instead It’s miles the players whose dream of becoming an Worldwide player that has been on the receiving ends.

in place of boycotting the national championships and national Games, each player from Manipur need to aid Monika. They should wear a black badge as a sign of protesting the corrupt Sports activities officers in India. Play Well and attain victory. Preserve on protesting Until Monika get justice.

There is no manner a Manipuri participant can participate in any Global championship representing as a separate area. It is correct to record that Indian Sports are dominated nearly via Manipuri players. But not at the International stage. Besides Mary Kom – the Women Boxer, none of the country participant has document breaking performances. Most of them are one time fortunate who cannot repeat their performances higher in their next participations. Manipur Sports policy ought to be reformed earlier than thinking about of a separate team in any Worldwide championship.


The Monika difficulty is so burning and agitating inside the nation of Manipur, there had been no welcome celebrations for 2 state Olympians – Laishram Bombayla Devi and Khumukcham Tombi Devi. It’s miles an exceptional feat for the people of Manipur that out of the 57 players, two are from the nation. There may be no birthday celebration for the recipient of Arjuna award winner for 2007, Khumukcham Tombi Devi too.

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