Status Update: A podcast about parenting in the age of tech

Coffee pots can reorder grounds once they run out, washing machines can text you whilst they may be finished and sensors that used to fee hundreds, if not thousands of bucks, can now be placed right into an adorable little plastic case and connected in your youngster.


It’s why we are launching a new podcast coming from CNET known as Popularity Replace. It’s a display about how tech is converting the way we raise our youngsters.

In our search for answers, we’ll draw from CNET’s international-magnificence news and reviews groups similarly to talking with new dad and mom, techies, toddler improvement experts or even a museum curator to apprehend how this wave of technology is changing our lives.

The goal of Stanford College Media X is to foster collaborations among industry and academia. The fifth Annual Media X Convention on Research, Collaboration, Innovation, and Productiveness, which I used to be fortunate to wait, served its cause nicely. Permit me proportion the 10 Key Traits that every commercial enterprise executive and innovator must be being attentive to:



1) Non-public Robotics is poised to explode quickly (predicted via Paul Saffo). It typically takes two decades Technological know-how simple Technological know-how exists till applications reach an inflection point and take the arena by means of hurricane and we’re about to see that take place. A few signs: DARPA sponsored first robotics tries in the mid-80s, and now we have packages along with the Roomba vacuum-purifier, and a completely automated racing vehicle. Prof. Kenneth Salisbury showed how there are robots nowadays with great motor capabilities-i.E., they could sell off a dishwasher!

2) Brain Pc Interfaces. Prof. Krishna Shenoy defined how, for plenty individuals who cannot flow/ communicate properly, new structures enable the translation of Brain signals into control indicators, by way of implanting electrodes in Mind that measure indicators and assist are expecting behaviors primarily based on response pattern reputation There are already packages these days that help people pass cursors based on their mind.

3) Smooth generation: Scott Z. Burns, co-manufacturer of An Inconvenient Fact, defined how Al Gore turned into reluctant to make the film, but he became satisfied to take part given the increasing risk of world warming. Al Gore saw an analogy between the film and a bio-remarks tool that her daughter used to treat her migraines. In biofeedback, one learns the way to control crucial frame variables with a view to reaching a purpose (stopping migraines, managing strain…). In addition, Gore desired every viewer to locate his or her own “levels” or “muscle mass” and approaches to behave -not just be advised what to do.

4) Reinventing Getting old: Prof. Laura L. Carstensen, of the Stanford Center on Toughness, defined how era & Science has been enhancing Biology for the last 150 years, and now we need to consciousness on how to assist people to remain physically fit and mentally sharp as we age. We need to redefine “Getting old”. Nowadays, there are numerous role fashions in their 70s and 80s that show how age isn’t an impediment for being lively individuals in society.

5) Digital Simulations for medical training. Dr. LeRoy Heinrichs showed how simulations work very well to teach surgeons and other scientific professionals discover ways to perform their jobs. Digital simulations (in a simulated Virtual environment) can work as well as physical ones (which commonly are Extra steeply-priced and less scalable).

6) Inexperienced Building and Inexperienced Cars. Prof. Gilbert M. Masters recommended studying the item “It is the Structure, Stupid!” to recognize how homes account for 35-45% carbon emissions in the US, Greater than transportation and enterprise.

7) Friends no longer Email: Prof. B.J. Fogg claimed that Electronic mail “cheapens our lives” and insisted that retaining close relationships is important for happiness. Electronic mail is a very bad device to control close relationships. Clever words.

8) Science Motion pictures: Prof. Roy D. Pea made the case that there is a growing need for DIY Films in protocol sharing amongst scientists, that allows you to higher replicate experiments. His Lab is creating new approaches to permit human beings to create conversations about the video to enhance the diversity of views and connections.


9) Video games for Gaining knowledge of Prof. Dan Schwartz showcased new strategies for Studying outdoor the study room. Games can assist merge formal & informal Mastering. Teachable dealers are Laptop packages created through college students to make their information explicit and may be used as part of Games to motivate students to do their homework.

10) three-D Medical Imaging. Prof. Paul Brown displayed some of the brand new imaging and software programs that permit medical doctors to navigate genuinely into our bodies of patients, in a non-invasive manner The pix are without a doubt awesome. They used those technologies to peer in element the interiors of an Egyptian mummy.

A way to Increase Nail Techs Earnings

Nail Tech jobs are getting More hard to fill at nail salons, spas, and nail boutiques. It’s difficult to fill nail tech positions when the charges for a nail clipping are low and the employers pay a low fee to their nail techs. But, times are converting. Nail Techs can be choosy now because a professional and experienced nail tech is taken into consideration a hot commodity nowadays. Salons and spas should start charging Extra with the aid of offering Greater innovative offerings, customizing nail offerings, and providing Extra packages to their menu. Nail Techs can do Greater than simply: a nail filing, a pedicure, and a full set. The final time I had a nail trimming the nail tech finish off with a 5 minute top again rub down.

Salons and spas must begin searching for new ideas and offer an area of expertise services now not normally available to help improve the Earnings stage for the brand new age nail techs. supplying offerings like spa manicures, and spa pedicures with a sea salt scrub for exfoliations will deliver your salon/spa an edge. Adding aroma remedy provides more bucks for your menu object; favorites include Lavender and Geranium.

Paraffin is the hot new add-on that would cross as excessive as $20. In an innovative new utility system, paraffin is applied to the hands in a chamber that includes disposable gloves. Once sealed the chemical activates causing soothing heat that melts off the paraffin, bearing in mind deeper moisturization. The gloves are then disposed of Once used, so there’s no Extra dipping your palms in those large containers and dripping paraffin anywhere.

There are a plethora of incredible ways to provide global magnificence service and to Increase clients with the aid of improving the consumer enjoy. start via wrapping your customer’s hand in a hot towel after a sea salt scrub. Purchase large towels and wrap the decrease arm and hand in a warm lavender smelling towel. Your clients will love you. This service can be completed on the legs and ft also. You may additionally customize nail tech services for customers just like the chocolate martini’s and the strawberry daiquiri’s; they are now not actual drinks but they may be served from martini glasses (there are Some beautiful plastic martini glasses). Afterward, serve your customers (who’re of age) a tumbler of wine.

Manicures and Martini parties are the freshest Developments that is taking place inside the nail tech industry and many stores can’t accommodate such a party. near your nail tech spa down early and invite some of the clients again for a nail clipping and martini party. Have them pay a fixed rate for a nail clipping, a pedicure, hand meals, music, and a pitcher of wine. You’ll be surprised at what number of people would display up! Have a “Carry a friend Pedicure birthday party,” and ensure the pal is a male. Men want to have their nails achieved also. Set dates and instances and put up them for your nail techs and have your receptionist hand out invite cards for your clients.

Here’s an amazing one: when clients name your salon solution the cellphone as follows: Thanks for calling Nail Spa we are having our 1st annual Martini celebration this Friday! This is Jenny how am I able to help you? That’s what Some well-known restaurants do and it really works all of the time!


Natural nail care is turning into more and more famous. Ladies are seeking out offerings which might be freed from harmful chemicals. customers are becoming smart when it comes to acrylic; if the nail tech is sporting masks; why are not the customers carrying masks? It is some other subject matter. There also are nail polishes consisting of Spa Ritual which happens to be a vegan product. there may be also the no chip nail cutting that’s superb for the Natural nail growth.

these are simply more than one thoughts to get nail techs to apply for positions at your nail spa. show nail techs your spa offerings and other innovative occasions you’ve got had in the past to prove in your nail techs that you are interested in growing your revenue and their Earnings. Nail Techs are not simply looking for jobs anymore they’re seeking out a profession.

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