Has Technology Kept Its Promise?

As I examine humanity, moving in ever-faster and faster paces, racing to acquire ever greater at dizzying speeds. At the same time, generation threatens to outpace our very intellectual ability, and something is amiss. Some deeply held concept that we appear bent on satisfying, a frantic technologically powered promise, has been broken.

Whether we recognize it or not, underneath all this first-rate generation we are creating, is a diffused but powerful promise: that we can accomplish greater, in much less time, and thereby obtain a greater nice of life.

Oh, at the start, the concept is seductive. Let’s construct a device that can do the paintings in 1/2 the time! We can work in the morning and play in the afternoon. This works wonderfully in the idea; besides, it is hardly ever practiced. No, as soon as that top-notch whiz-bang system is built, it’s run 24/7, operating employees to the bone so that we can produce a gazillion instances greater in a fragment of the time! By all rights, there ought to be plenty greater people loafing. Or at the least, having an excessive best of lifestyles. But are they?

How is it that our very lives are powered via machines that admittedly double in velocity every 2-years, yet as a nation, we are poorer than ever, more tired than ever, and much less capable of revel in life as we comprehend it? Who would not stroll around with more traces on their foreheads even as the world races by? Whose stress stages are a lower way to the extraordinary advances in technology? I do not know many.

Ladies and gents, there is a conspiracy afoot. Yes, definitely. As a society, our job is to care approximately each different and enhance our fine of lifestyles in my opinion and collectively, but the very technology that has promised to offer this is doing just the other. In truth, it’s aggregating wealth into fewer and fewer arms, and in a completely actual sense oppressing the rest, developing a new form of higher elegance, a “technorati,” if you’ll, that can harness generation to their benefit. And no matter all of the nifty perks of generation, are our lives absolutely better?


Can all people point to studies displaying the expanded manufacturing and sheer more volume of products, offerings, and meals, are actually being circulated to those in need? Is the human own family as an entire benefitting from the excess, or is the wealth being focused through the ones in the position to benefit the providence?

Again, this answer is obvious; the human family as a whole is not reaping the advantages of the technological advances, as evidenced by way of similar or worse tiers of poverty, literacy, residing situations, and preferred conditions of peoples all through the earth. Sure, certain segments of the populace can be benefitting. Yet, we see the makings of a “digital divide” wherein the middle lessons are disappearing, while the ranks of higher and decreased training continue to swell, in large part because of technology which aggregates more and more strength into the arms of these on the top. This has always been a conventional harbinger of a hassle for those who care to pay attention.

And don’t get me began on our excellent scientific advances in healthcare; what passes for healthcare rightly must be labeled “ill-care” as it uses 2 foremost modes of operation: reducing and drugging. The human body does not commonly suffer from a lack of cuts or chemical substances. Many of the best bits of knowledge from thousands of years of human survival are being summarily censored and even outlawed by those in charge. Don’t consider me? Tsk tsk. Google it. As the announcing goes, “just due to the fact you are paranoid would not mean they aren’t once you.”

Well, er, sort of. Actually, what I’ve observed is that we assume another way, not necessarily better, than earlier. We have the extra potential to multi-project because, marvel, we are continuously bombarded with the need to process so much at once. But this comes at the fee of the capability to pay attention surely. I’m no longer sure that being “scattered” is higher than being “focussed.”

What approximately social talents? Are computers and generation improving these? Evidence shows that our new silicon taskmasters do not have hearts, and our capability for human know-how, compassion, and love aren’t better to an enormous degree with the aid of our era.

I could move on and on. The primary, simple query is, what are the actual real blessings of this technological craze we are in? Are we virtually better off with the generation than before? And what is driving this insane fast-fireplace chase, and what’s it for? Or have we lost sight of the purpose we are going for walks in the direction of? If it’s the betterment of humanity, we’re off-direction.

One can always argue that technology isn’t always the trouble; it’s the biology operating it, and this is a straightforward point. Technology is neither correct nor bad but within the fingers of its customers. Truly we can do brilliant matters with our new gizmos, but can we? Are we? Currently, commonly no longer.


So the jury is out. Thanks to the loopy advances in computers and era, we will do greater than ever. However, the results are that we as a species are not better off in tangible approaches, en masse.

In short, technology is not making the sector, the planet, or human beings as an entire, better off; in reality, many are worse off, and we have the makings of a technorati that manipulate the rest; how is this extraordinary than the ones in energy making the sector better for themselves at some other time in history?

Amanda R. Dubose

Spent high school summers getting to know dogmas in Minneapolis, MN. Spent several years merchandising walnuts worldwide. My current pet project is researching Slinkies in Jacksonville, FL. Spoke at an international conference about testing the market for action figures in Hanford, CA. Spent the better part of the 90's lecturing about cellos in Orlando, FL. Spent 2001-2007 building sausage in Naples, FL. Tv fanatic. Internetaholic. Travel expert. Incurable zombie nerd. Coffee advocate. Hardcore web trailblazer. Gamer.