The Fashion Consumer has gone mobile: New report with the aid of BCG & Facebook

India is undergoing a digital revolution and the patron base has long past mobile. From digital monetary transactions to various services like tour bookings, ordering food, and many others. Are most effective a click away from our smartphones. Digitization has uncovered the Indian target audience to a whole new experience of online purchasing, with 85% of those customers preferring to use cell.

BCG & Facebook


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‘Style Ahead 2020’ an industry document by way of BCG (Boston Consulting Institution) in partnership Fb which goals to apprehend a way to harness the cell revolution for Fashion groups. The file through BCG takes an entire have a look at each the ‘here and now’ of the Style consumer and the ‘What’s next’ inside the context of virtual and cell.



As per BCG, by using as early as 2020, on-line Fashion Consumer’s base in India will double to a hundred thirty-five million and 70% of online purchasers will purchase online. Almost 1 in three first-time online shoppers buy garb and Fashion, making it a gateway category into the arena of online purchasing. Similarly to that, those consumers use their smartphones to make their purchase.

Given the significance of digital effect on Fashion spends and better engagement levels on digital media than traditional media, a shift in media spends closer to digital structures can prove exceptionally beneficial for Style manufacturers.

Virtual will influence $30 billion of style spending in 2020

The Indian Fashion enterprise is worth $70 billion, and around $7-nine billion is already digitally inspired. through 2020 the virtual has an effect on is anticipated to grow around approximately four instances to attain approximately $30 billion. This could be equivalent to 60-70% share of the branded garb market in India.

73% city and 87% of rural India is predicated on a cellular for internet get entry to. This trend is probably to retain as smartphone penetration keeps to pressure net penetration. With the advent of apps, eighty-five% of online buyers decide on their smartphones to make purchases.

The “Non-public” in Public Relations

The Company global has always been in a kingdom of flux and funny confusion. Ask everyone what they apprehend as ‘public’ in PR, and the answer is nearly always the identical; preferred population, customers being modern-day or capacity, shareholders and so on. In general public, Relations are managed to attain out positively to the authorities, regulatory bodies, and economic analysts. However, a vital PR audience of every establishment needs to be its very own paintings force. The worker power can also range however the importance of its contribution, its usage is going a long way in a company’s sustainable growth.

Apart from the obviously invested parties having a direct stake in the corporation like promoters, traders, shareholders, the employees have a direct relation with the organization. All statistics shows that a fine paintings area ignites suggestion and maintains personnel extra productive at the workplace. Happy personnel produces greater results, take initiative, regard innovation as a private duty, a record at a task well timed and are much more likely to stay on it. A hit ventures in evaluation with simply rich organizations denote a stark distinction inside the mood of their personnel. Whilst one survives in a robotized way with no direct connect to its very own human beings the other flourishes to supersede norms and gravitate towards progress, making policies as they cross. A short analysis of the how and whys of employee pride and its direct consequence on PR is as follows.



Agencies are realizing direct proportionality of Happy employees with economic blessings and strategizing it as an effective tool for enterprising. The Most commonplace lawsuits of personnel consist of:

1. Stress due to workload main to useless paintings pressures.

2. Unrealistic expectations veering far from the described job profile. Whilst this could be transformed into a possibility, Maximum instances the transitional duration is reduced quick and ends in mounting management strife.

3. Dissatisfaction with the profits declaration. Negotiations may be more and more one sided and may leave the worker with little alternatives in a tough economy.

4. Many are rightfully worried about activity security. Even though all criminal paperwork is filed through the enterprise, undefined roles, premature modifications, lack of believing, constant repudiation of submitted work, lack of motivation might also purpose primary mistrust adversely affecting output.

5. Incapacity to alter and mature in keeping with market tendencies can clamp opportunities out of doors and decrease opportunity of growth.

Such instances have a direct impact on the grade of employee participation, starting with banking paintings, lengthy intervals of Absenteeism. This denotes the dampening interest of employees at paintings. Nowadays we are intricately related with the world, be it our allies or opponents. One of these statistics approximately employee dissatisfaction takes seconds to be out and drastically attacks a company’s public recognition discouraging potential personnel and tarnishing its public photograph. Approximate computation of loss because of misplaced days of work can quantity to tens of millions in a month depending on the nature and length of the enterprise. Relatively, more unfavorable is inconsequential Presenteeism.

Groups chart rules in which one has to clock minimal operating hours in a month or week, which although complied with doesn’t meet corporation requirements. At the same time as on the only hand salaries are paid out, no quantifiable paintings in accomplished to satisfy goals. While the worker is physically present, there’s no productiveness, and this is Usually attributable to Strain. This leads to waste of time, precious assets and has been acknowledged to set groups financially and in phrases of reputation. Nowadays conversation enabled through social media has resulted in reputation updates, emoticons and At the same time as Most paintings locations discourage the usage of private media like Fb, Instagram, Twitter and the like, the equal is out in their sphere beyond operating hours. Maximum companies’ recognition is spread by means of phrase of mouth. There has additionally been a full-size boom in litigation in defamation instances, violation of contract and so on., whereupon the liability rests with the employee in case of sharing employer information. Very strict suggestions are formulated in this regard. India has MNCs from the world over who have introduced this Corporate lifestyle and solidified felony manoeuvres to test violation of Highbrow Belongings Rights. on this regard they inspire personnel to apply enterprise’s online media as a consultant and be made similarly answerable for it. Ultimately that is conducive to their growth but can frequently spell trouble for employees for being unable to comprehend the whole importance of provision-weighted down hefty prison contracts. The aim have to therefore be now not to bind however to encompass within the procedure of growth.

Control and Management play a critical function to gauge employee temper, make tries to understand ranges of Stress or dissatisfaction and be immediately involved to display intellectual viability. There ought to be a formal coverage to address such recurrent problems.


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On the other hand a advantageous workplace environment makes the employees keen to discover themselves with the employer Whilst improving their productiveness, efficiency and willingness to volunteer in new tasks. They are additionally eager on giving a supporting hand to their fellow employees and in an inclusive manner assisting the Management offer answers to tackle workplace issues. work relationships improve and agency lifestyle turns into a healthful habit. All the gritty issues are resolved and take a fantastic turn. A Glad company can give turnovers to the track of billions in every week if or not it’s so. Maximum influential examples include Google, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in which employees are capable of take Social effect depart for 3-12 during which staffers can interact in volunteer paintings for social causes. This hugely improves the corporation’s CSR. These days Vodafone introduced paid maternity depart for all of its female staffers all through the world, much like Google’s user reinforced maternity depart model, specially the “Infant Bonding Bucks”. Now businesses are innovating on methods to hook up with their group of workers to replace the stupid channels or template suitable HR communications systems.

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