The Promise of Life After Death

In the documentary “Afterlife,” Paul Perry makes the case that existence maintains after losing a life. Many could jump at this proposition, but not everybody is on board. Some human beings outright deny the possibility of an afterlife without giving it a thought or doing any research on the difficulty. Others, just like the “enlightened” skeptics, need extra records, which I think is an affordable call for. Personally, I understand that there’s an afterlife because of non-public studies; however, a greater certified individual to shed mild on the problem is Dr. Raymond Moody. When asked about what takes place when we die inside the “Afterlife” documentary, Dr. Moody said, “We enter into any other country of life or any other country of recognition this is so extraordinarily one-of-a-kind from the spatial and temporal body of truth in which we exist inside the bodily international that the language we’ve got isn’t ok to explain this other kingdom of life or recognition.”


One of the foremost points of interest for the perception of the afterlife is the opportunity of reuniting with our cherished ones. I am searching ahead for it because I have actually promised my grandmother that I would see her first and different family individuals earlier than seeing the Buddha. The Buddha is my favorite religious instructor, and I admire him for his contribution; however, my circle of relatives nonetheless comes first. Being with my own family is all the heaven I need! I recognize millions of people could alternate their family participants for the Buddha, the Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Lord Krishna, or Prophet Moses, however no longer I. Can you believe humans risking their lives to be with someone they have got in no way visible earlier than because of a promise of heaven? One can’t assist; however, ask what kind of root they ate up? Another motivation for a notion within the afterlife is the possibility of persevering with our vocation. Dr. Carl Sagan soon stated that he would be overjoyed if there were an afterlife, particularly if it allowed him to continue finding out about these international and different worlds. I additionally feel the equal manner but not as an astronomer. There might be no higher reward than continuing with what I love to do inside the afterlife.

One of the earliest religious statistics about the afterlife was when Saul summoned up the spirit of Samuel with the help of the medium of Endor inside the Tanakh, 1 Samuel 28:3-25. Theologians interpret this story otherwise. Some suppose it turned into the satan that the medium summoned whilst others notion it turned into something else and no longer the real prophet. For our motive, allow us to take it literally and anticipate that the medium actually summoned up the spirit of Samuel. The girl first noticed something, and Saul requested her what she saw? She stated she noticed an old man wrapped up in a cloak, and “Saul knew that he was Samuel” However, Samuel became now not satisfied to be summoned, and he requested why Saul became traumatic him? Saul stated that he couldn’t contact his God thru desires or via the prophets anymore. Then Samuel gave Saul the terrible information. What is essential here is that there was a -way conversation between Saul and Samuel, and we will infer that there may be an afterlife and we could speak to the useless.

The story in the Hindu Tradition is a bit distinctive. Here there may be a totally sturdy notion within the afterlife. This perception is so sturdy that an intruder analyzing their texts would routinely finish that the Hindus understand that there may be an afterlife. In his verbal exchange with Lord Krishna within the Bhagavad Gita 2:19-25, Arjuna became worried about killing his teachers and circle of relatives and that he does not see any glory in triumphing a war that kills human beings. Lord Krishna assures him that it was extra critical for him to do his duty and that the humans he fears killing do no longer virtually die. “As a person leaves an old garment and puts on one this is new; the Spirit leaves his mortal body after which places on one this is new.”

The loss of perception of the afterlife is compounded by using the truth that we need a unique sensitivity to “see,” and a lot of us can’t “see.” We stay in a cloth world that predisposes us to peer, sense, odor, touch, and flavor material things, and if we can’t affirm something via our senses, it genuinely does no longer exist. However, many corporations, along with the Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical Research, have made several tries to provide the general public with a few fabric proofs that there’s indeed existence after death. The most famous of these experiments for my part is the Scole Experiment.

Scale is a village in England where a few mediums sat in a cellar to connect with the opposite aspect. They sat for about 12 months before a leap forward, and they were known as the spirits they contacted “the Spirit Team.” The experiment pronounced manifestations of ghostly beings, wise lights, physical items (apport), touches from unseen arms, ghostly voices, levitation, communication of instructions for the constructing of spirit verbal exchange gadgets, tunnel of light, doorway, partial human faces, angelic bureaucracy and writings on a photographic movie. It seems to me that the studies proved without an affordable doubt that there are lifestyles after demise. A few of the highlights within the presentation for me have been the materialization and movement of strong gadgets, the acknowledgment of the test from the other side, and the possibility of a -manner conversation and physical contact with our cherished ones.


Some of those highlights are already in the region, and people like you and I are cashing in on this knowledge. One of the organizers, Robin Foy, definitely stated that he has visible, touched, and had conversations along with his father, mother, and sister. In an equal way, there’s hope that humans should genuinely speak face to face with their cherished ones, and if that appears ways into the destiny, bear in mind the possibility of really communicating with your family via some form of a smartphone. The afterlife may not have systematic evidence; however, some of its famous investigators are scientists. We are told in the presentation that Professor Archie Roy, Professor Emeritus of Astronomer at the University of Glasgow, had discussions with the alternative aspect about celestial mechanics and his son, Ian, as soon as said, “He changed into a scientist, so his interest inside the paranormal became as a scientist.”

We have examined from the Bhagavad Gita that we no longer actually die when we die because we take any other body, and we have discovered from the Tanakh that there are lifestyles after death. Admittedly some of these tales had been written whilst we knew little or no about the universe. However, the reality remains that spirit contact is as antique as the arena. They are conveniently used nowadays in many components of the world in technology, the arts, track, and recovery.

The hassle is that the system of contacting the spirits continues to be categorized devilish through the uninitiated and of direction. With that state of mind, they lose the advantages that come with communicating with the opposite aspect. Our project is to develop refined techniques of contacting our brothers and sisters, and while that point comes, spirit touch could be as normal as another interest.


Another piece of evidence on my listing is from Near-Death Experiences (NDE). In most instances, folks that were suggested useless study their consciousness upward push from their body to “see” their body and “see” what is going on within the vicinity. One of the maximum fascinating memories concerns folks that were born blind; however, they had been able to “see” what became happening at some point in their close-to-death studies. Recall Helen Keller’s quote on being blind: “Death is no greater than passing from one room into any other. But there’s a distinction for me, you know. Because in that other room, I shall be capable of see.” What comforts me most is the presence of departed spouses and children who come to help their circle of relatives participants with love, care, and expertise whilst we die. Further, some those who had this enjoy talk approximately a mild on the stop of a tunnel or funnel, and they describe the vicinity as unearthly within the sense that the colors of the plants couldn’t be defined in earthly terms. They also speak about having a light body that is distinctive from the body we’ve on this planet.

Amanda R. Dubose

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