Tips to increase your options trading accuracy in Hong Kong

Regarding options trading in Hong Kong, accuracy is the ante to play; nobody wants to lose money on a gamble. Here are some tips that can help you increase your chances of making the right decision.

trading accuracy

Know your strategy

Some traders prefer using long-term strategies, and others rely on short-term ones. New traders should understand the risks associated with both approaches and then determined which one suits you better.

Go for low delta options

Delta measures how much an option will change in value relative to a change in the underlying asset price. Options with higher deltas have more significant changes in their prices relative to their underlying, thus producing bigger profits if everything goes well and massive losses when things go south. To improve your chances of winning, opt for low delta options.

Stick to the money-making approach

Many people are gamblers at heart, and they take more risks simply because they want to make more profits, even if it means losing their investment. When you gamble, you reduce your chances of making a profit by 50%. Smart traders know how to manage risk so that their chances of winning will not be compromised despite all the bad deals.

Always monitor market movement

Always stay updated on what’s happening in the market since this will affect your choice of options and how much time you should give each trade before cashing out. Your job is much easier when you’re aware of changes in price movements, so it’s crucial to follow daily market updates.

Choose the right broker

Different brokers offer different rates of commissions. Brokers also differ in terms of features they offer, opening hours, trading platform and assets on offer. You can narrow down your choices based on these factors if you want convenience or pick a broker that offers good opportunities for investors like you.

Know how to time your trades

Timing is everything when it comes to options trading because this will affect the size of the returns and their frequency. Some traders can make two to three winning deals per week, while others may only be able to cash out once every season, which is why timing matters. Ideally, you should try getting into trades just before important announcements or during major market changes.

Go for long-term trading

Options are not designed to be short-term investments. The more time you give your trade, the more chances of profitable results, so you should avoid making decisions within one week unless you know what you’re doing.

Make sure your information is timely.

Predicting stock prices based on outdated information is likely not to lead you anywhere worthwhile. You need to know precisely what direction the market’s moving in and why before choosing an option – so make sure whatever source you’re receiving your information from is giving you the most up-to-date data possible.

Go for volume

Ask yourself what would be more predictable – one significant movement or five small movements of equal magnitude? An easy answer would be that more significant movements are preferable since they’re less likely to split in unpredictable ways.

If two stocks move in the same direction, but one does it with high volume while the other does it with low volume, then it’s far easier to predict which one will continue moving in that direction and by how much. Therefore, if you want to maximize your accuracy when predicting price movements, go for options where volume is large rather than small.


Learn how to increase your options trading accuracy in Hong Kong by knowing what information you need, going for volume, maximizing the amount of time that’s left until expiration and cutting your losses when things go wrong. It helps to have the right mindset and beginner traders are advised to use a reliable and experienced online broker from Saxo Bank before starting their investment journey.

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