Why Are Some iPhone Messages Green and Others Are Blue?

In iOS 7, the Messages app will show conversations with either an inexperienced background or a blue background. If you’ve got used iOS 6, you can observe messages with either a green or blue Send button. These hues are not random and are absolutely telling you whether or not the message will be despatched as an everyday SMS text message or an iMessage.

iPhone Messages

Green is for an SMS Text Message

The green historical past or Send button shows the message can be sent as an ordinary SMS text using the messaging plan provided via your cellular phone company. Regular texting prices will follow, based totally on your texting plan.

The SMS text message is automatically used whilst sending a text to a person without an Apple device. For instance, if you are sending textual content to a person with a basic cellular smartphone (non-telephone) or any phone apart from an iPhone (Android, BlackBerry, Windows… ), your iPhone will display the message in a green historical past (or have a inexperienced Send button for iOS 6 users). The SMS text message has been around for years, even earlier than the iPhone ever existed, and anyone had a simple cell telephone.

Blue is for iMessage

An iMessage is despatched by way of Apple instead of your cell smartphone issuer. The iMessage is despatched over an Internet connection in preference to through the cellular smartphone control channel. There is no text messaging fees with the aid of your cellular smartphone provider when sending an iMessage.

When sending a message to someone with an Apple tool, your iPhone routinely recognizes if the sender has an Apple ID and will send the message as an iMessage. The message will be displayed in a blue history (or have a blue Send button for iOS 6 users).

Apple routes iMessages based totally on a user’s Apple ID. Therefore, each person with an iPad or a Mac computer can send messages. However, because the iPad or Mac laptop no longer has access to a cellular phone manipulate channel, it can not send everyday SMS textual content messages.

Whether a message is dispatched as a normal SMS text message or an iMessage is routinely determined using your iPhone. There is no need to be involved in deciding on one approach or the other. However, if you need a little control over when an SMS text or iMessage is despatched, check out the message alternatives in the iPhone settings.

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iPhone Messages

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iPhone Messages

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