How to Find a WordPress Theme That Works

A blogger once asked me how he can discover a WordPress subject that works because he no longer has the talents or cash to create a WordPress subject matter. Sometimes deciding on a WordPress subject is like selecting your outfit. What you placed on represents who you’re and the photo you want to provide to the sector. I often locate myself sorting through my closet, attempting to ramify various clothing and apparel combinations. Somehow I can by no means find the outfit that is just right, and I waste time constantly changing because I don’t know what kind of “look” I want. Often WordPress bloggers locate themselves sorting thru and attempting out WordPress topics over and over once more. This can come to be a waste of time and takes far from time you may be spent on honestly running a blog! Instead, take some time to consider those 5 factors to help you find the WordPress theme of your jeans! Doing this will prevent time to weblog greater and maybe even re-organize your messy closet!

Consider Its Width and Columns


The first element you’ll want to consider is the width and columns of your chosen theme. Most issues offer you a choice to pick out a 2-column or three-column format. 2-column designs are remarkable for running a blog if your intentions are non-earnings. Having the handiest 2 columns makes your blog appearance glossy. Plus, they’re less complicated to view in your readers. Fewer columns suggest fewer distractions so your readers can clearly see recognition of the content of your writing.

3-column themes are ideal for bloggers who desire to earn a profit from their web page. Not handiest will you be able to gift your blog’s content, but you may also have column space for ad codes, including Google AdSense, Chitika, and Text Link. Having 3 columns gives you masses of the area so that ads and blogs aren’t right on top of every other, plus it gives you room for expansion. Keeping columns prepared and separate maintains things neat, appealing, and extra powerful.

Consider Its Images and Icons

While pics and different decorative icons may also appear appealing, they, in reality, won’t do something to boom traffic for your weblog or stimulate your subscriber base. Sometimes it’s great to keep it simple! Many of the maximum a hit bloggers have clean pages with minimum pictures. These pages clearly present a simple logo on the pinnacle for a unique contact with neutral shades. Using minimal images will allow your page to load faster, and also your server will no longer be so strained. This is an awesome layout plan to ensure your weblog will develop with you as your internet site visitors increase.

Not best will take pics sluggish download time, but also they’re distracting on your readers. Images can pull reader attention far from your blog posts as well as your advertisements. If you need to use a photo, observe the lead of blogs, including Engadget and Tech Crunch, who handiest use pix in content material areas to feature fee to a post. As a rule of thumb, use photographs inside your blog content only. Avoid images inside the header of your weblog or scattered at some stage. Keep your weblog subject matter simple and streamline. The best time you must include a header photo is for promotional purposes consisting of posting a brand to unfold the phrase about your emblem. In addition, continually update pix and icons with hyperlinks and text every time viable.

Check Its Plugin Compatibility

Installing plugins on your blog can also eat a brilliant deal of some time, which could be better-spent blogging! Plugins are vital and honestly do enhance the capability of your blog website online. They are generally loose, and their capabilities are endless. However, many plugins can grow to be very hard and irritating. Entering the plugin codes in your website separately can take a certain long time! Even placing one code can turn out to be a pain if your website is more complex along with an AJAX-based totally WordPress subject matter. These topics have more than one documents and are closely coded. Therefore, deciding on a less difficult subject matter could make the use of plugins plenty less difficult to do so that you don’t ought to waste time identifying petty, trivial codes! Instead, spend more time on getting great statistics and content out on your readers at a quick pace. Keeping your web page’s subject matter simple will enhance the studying experience for all of your fans.

Check If It Is Well Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is regularly called “search engine optimization.” While search engine optimization is puffed up a exceptional deal, if your weblog has exceptional content that humans want to read, you’ll get the ranking and attention you desire and feature earned. While this is the case, it does not imply you should forget about search engine optimization altogether. Every weblog can benefit from search engine marketing in a few forms. You want to make certain which you optimize your “search-potential” by using doing the following:

When subject shopping, you furthermore mght need to recall how smooth and realistic the subject could be to apply. You want a good way to deploy the topic without difficulty to a current weblog while not transporting things around too much in the page format. Also, you may need to recognize if the theme can be available to personalize on your other blogs for a uniform appearance. You want a theme to be flexible and properly as sensible.

There are so many subject matters, free and paid, to be had to WordPress bloggers. At the same time, it is excellent to have variety; once in a while, the picks can be overwhelming. Avoid confusion. Understanding which characteristics to search for in a WordPress topic lets you avoid using one, which turns into complex and nerve-racking. Always test a topic out before the usage of it in your actual weblog. Think of this as a “check pressure.” Make certain you look at the subject matter with all widgets and plugins that you might use on your actual page for the entire impact. Testing on your very own website is a terrible idea. You do not need your readers to look at peculiar codes or blunders messages on your page that can deter them from persevering to study your blog!


If you cannot find a WordPress topic that works for you, you could rent a custom internet layout organization, like Anglo Designs, to create a custom WordPress subject blog for you. This way, you could lose consciousness on what you do fine-product creation or marketing! Dedicate it slow to developing your own product or advertising and marketing in preference to fussing around with issues and formatting.

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