Meet Violet, the brand new ‘world’s oldest person’

Called ‘Aunt V’ to friends, she was born in Trelawney on March 10, 1900, and has lived there all of her phenomenally long life.

‘World’s Oldest Person



After celebrating her 110th milestone, she told a neighborhood paper: ‘In reality and surely, while humans ask what I consume and drink to stay goodbye, I say to them that I devour the whole lot, besides red meat and fowl, and that I don’t drink rum and dem tings.

‘You recognize, from time to time, I ask myself, ‘Am I Truely a hundred and ten years antique?’ due to the fact; I don’t sense like a hundred and ten.’

Pinnacle 10 Oldest Persons in the global

I have become awestruck whilst studying approximately Gertrude Weaver, the oldest woman alive in The USA, over Wikipedia. I have read the Wikipedia pages for plenty of human beings earlier, but this one changed into one of a kind. After reading the advent, I moved to the biography that commenced along with her beginning location, followed by using her marriage information in 4 lines. The very subsequent paragraph began with her while she had become 104 a long time! No offend is meant at all. However, I was alarmed with this question: a hundred years summarized in simplest 4 traces! What did she DO in her lifestyle?


You’ll notice that regardless of the long years these girls lived, their exceptional achievements have been that they were given married. To that extent, human beings take their lives clean!

10- Jeanne Calment

Born in 1875, Jeanne Calment died within the yr 1997 after she lived for approximately 122 years. Jeanne becomes a French incredible centenarian who saw her daughter and grandson die each of their 1930s. Without a doubt, Jeanne turned into one of all of Van Gogh’s contemporaries. In 1988, when she became 113, Jeanne broke the record and became the oldest person within the international.

9- Sarah Knauss

Knauss was born inside the 12 months of 1880 and died in 1998 while she became 119 years old. She lived in Pennsylvania and labored as a coverage workplace supervisor. She got married and gave delivery to a daughter who turned into ninety-seven whilst Sarah died.

8 – Lucy Hannah

Lucy was born in 1875 in Alabama and died in Michigan in 1993. At the time, while she died, Lucy changed into the oldest character in the world.

7 – Marie-Louise Meilleur

Born in 1880 as a French Canadian, Meilleur observed Jeanne Calment in the Guinness document after the latter’s loss of life. Her parents died in 1911 after she gave the beginning to her two children. She used to smoke and died of a clot in her blood At the age of 117.

6 – Maria Capovilla

Born and lived in Ecuador in 1889, Capovilla changed into 116 years whilst she died in 2006. Capovilla changed into the daughter of a colonel and got married to an army officer who died 49 years before her. While she became one hundred years antique, her fitness deteriorated, and people notion she was useless.

The Oldest Living Person

5 – Misao Okawa

The oldest lady alive is a Jap female of 116 who turned into born in 1898 in Tenma. Till she was 110, Okawa turned into capable to stroll alone. Now she is the use of a wheelchair which she is pushing herself. In 2013, she became known as the sector’s oldest girl alive.

4 – Gertrude Weaver

in the yr 1898, the African-American Gertrude Weaver turned into born and is presently residing among us. She is now 116 years old. She is the oldest man or woman in The united states who’s alive, worldly after Misao Okawa. Her son is celebrating his 93 birthday this year.

3  – Tane Ikai

Born in 1879 in Japan and died in 1998, Tane lived for 116 years to be the oldest Eastern character ever lived. While Tane changed into 109, she suffered a stroke in a sanatorium in which she remained there until she exceeded.

2  – Elizebeth Bolden

Born in 1890, Bolden aged 116 years vintage whilst she died in 2006. Called the daughter of freed slaves, Bolden married At the age of 18, and when she died, she best left two of her daughters alive.

1 – Besse Cooper

Ms. Cooper was born in 1896 in Tennessee and died in 2012 in Georgia. She does not best the first character in terms of age, however achievements as properly. Cooper changed into a great reader who worked as a teacher when she changed into more or less twenty years vintage.

The oldest character inside the international – top-notch Centenarians

The oldest dwelling character in the world died lately on Nov 26, 2008. Edna Parker lived to the ripe old age of 115 and was Called a great centenarian which means everyone over one hundred ten. Born April 20th, 1893, she became us’s oldest individual on Feb 14, 2007, and became the world’s oldest on Aug 13, 2007. She never drank, by no means attempted smoking, and became leading a lively existence.

Consistent with Wikipedia, the oldest dwelling man or woman is now Gertrude Baines of the USA, who changed into born on 6 April 1894, and she is the simplest tested surviving man or woman born in 1894. Other than no longer liking the cold due to arthritis, Ms. Baines is in moderately top fitness for her age.

The oldest residing guy is 113 12 months-vintage Tomoji Tanabe of Japan, born on 18 September 1895. Usual, the longest documented lifespan goes to Jeanne Calment of France (1875-1997), who died at age 122 years and 164 days.


It’s stated that a supercentenarian has reached the age of 110 years, something completed through the most effective one in one thousand centenarians (based totally on European statistics). Furthermore, only 1 in 50 supercentenarians stays to be one hundred fifteen. simplest 2% of validated supercentenarians have lived to celebrate their hundred and fifteenth birthday. Just 0.7% of verified supercentenarians have celebrated their 116th birthday, and zero.four% of proven supercentenarians have celebrated their 117th birthday. So Gertrude Baines, at one hundred fifteen, is now a unique individual indeed.

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