5 Tips to Improve the Resale Value of Your Property

Looking to sell your home but unsure how to get the best price? Worried that the COVID-19 pandemic might have brought property prices down in India? Then there’s good news for you. Real estate prices have risen during the second quarter of 2021. According to a quarterly report by PropTiger, Real Insight: Q2CY21, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad recorded the highest growth in property price of 5% during the quarter on a year-on-year basis. Other Tier I and Tier II cities have seen 2%-4% real estate prices.


So, this might be an excellent time to consider a sale. Here’s a look at five valuable tips on improving the resale value of your property to get the best possible price.

Look for a Market Appraisal Before Selling

The first step is to check out the going rate of houses similar to yours, not just in your city but in your specific locality. Property prices differ in a town, too, based on the amenities and popularity of the areas. You can also consider partnering with a local real-estate agent and get them to help you get the best resale value.

Make Cosmetic Changes

Every buyer will want to see the property before they offer to buy. So, make sure you spruce up every room and make the house look inviting. You could consider applying a fresh coat of paint, which will immediately brighten up the entire home. If you are on a tight budget, you could apply for a home loan. These loans are also available for home renovation and remodeling.

Add Some Flora

Greenery always makes a place look more inviting. So, if you have a garden, plant flowering plants, or even a tree or two, in case it’s flat, make sure the balconies have some plants. You could even consider some indoor plants in the living room or foyer. You could fund all this with the property loan, but make sure to check the interest rates before applying for one.

Add Some Spice

If you have taken a home loan, you could consider some basic remodeling. You could increase the size of a room or add extra space. This will immediately raise the resale value of your house. But make sure that these changes add value to the home too, and are not just cosmetic.

Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathrooms

You can also apply for a home loan to give your kitchen and bathrooms a makeover. These are two of the virtual spaces in the house. Both should look spacious, clean, and uncluttered. Therefore, giving your kitchen and bathrooms, a revamp could get you a good hike in resale value.

While the home sale could help you pay off the loan you’ve taken to raise the resale value, check out aspects such as home loan balance transfer and home loan insurance before applying for the loan. Both these aspects could be beneficial if you are short on cash during the repayment tenure.

Amanda R. Dubose

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