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Short Grey Hair for You This Year

It is with no doubt that short grey hair can be trendy. The times when this hair was associated with lack of style or old age is long faced off. Nowadays, grey and silver are taking a significant part in beauty magazines and is being worn by the majority of actresses and famous models.

The worry of appearing old no longer holds. The new grey shades incorporated in beauty products and offered by hairstylists across the world demonstrates that grey can be adorable if you work your way right to the goal. See the source here for more info.


  1. Black Roots

Though black roots may appear like a faux pas when on some dyed hair, they look fascinating with short grey hair. The combination of grey roots and silver bob gives you a younger and more glamorous look, so there is no need for frequent touch-ups.

  1. Vibrant and Short Grey Haircut

Incorporating a single bright strand to your grey hair can entirely alter the way your hair looks. Because purple is the most common colour option for ladies with silver hair, we recommend it. However, you are not restricted to this colour only; any other vibrant hair hue will look just as beautiful.


  1. Purple Hues

Opting for a blend of purple and grey, you get it all right. If you are not quite sure of how the short grey hair will affect your look age-wise, opt for some purplish hues to cover up all these worries and enjoy your hairstyle without fears.

  1. Purplish Accents on Grey

This is a glamorous short grey pixie that appears even more alluring with the purplish accents. The blend of purple and grey look as amazing as the blend of blue and silver so if you want to boost your haircut, a highlight of purple is vital.

  1. A-Line Bob

Women with silver hair appear beautiful with an A-line bob. If you have a naturally thinning and greying hair, getting this haircut is one fantastic way to make it look youthful and stylish. In case you have subtle waves that will work for your advantage to add the much-needed volume.


  1. Colour Mix

Short grey hair with a deep layering of purple and blue strands can be a real masterpiece. Independently, these shades look normal, but when blended you achieve a haircut that is unique and fresh. It is a certain style to turn heads wherever you go, give it a try today and see the magic exuded by this glamorous style.

  1. Combination of Grey and White

Combining grey and white is an excellent idea especially if either of the colours appears on your hairstyle as natural hair. A super short pixie with extended bangs can offer you a chic look while keeping the upkeep to the minimum.


Amanda R. Dubose