The Guide to Android for Beginners

Welcome to Android newbies! After analyzing this guide, you’ll rework from an entire beginner to a vintage seasoned! Well, not clearly… But it’s going to give you a massive step in that course. This guide is meant for absolute beginners. However, it will truly offer a few awesome perceptions to those playing around with Android gadgets for a bit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to remark or email.

Home, Back, Menu & Search – The four buttons are protected on nearly every Android device. The domestic button sends you to your private home display screen whilst pressed. The returned button will lower back out of apps, menus, or net pages. The menu button generally brings up settings menus, and the hunt button searches. There are some cool tricks with those buttons; however, they’ll be protected in extraordinary articles. Home Screen – This is the display screen you spot while you energy for your tool or touch the house button. It is where you are apps and widgets and is largely the principal hub for performing your device.

Navigating Through Your Device – The first-rate way to discover ways to navigate through your device is to explore independently. Get acclimated with the notification bar via touching the top of your screen and swiping your finger down. Enter and exit your app drawer – strive out the preloaded apps and notice if there is whatever you want. You must not fear approximately deleting whatever is important as Google made it impossible to delete machine apps and documents. Check out your device’s settings by pressing the menu button simultaneously as on your own home display. I might no longer advocate converting any settings except you are positive about what you are changing.

Arranging Your Home Screen – With Android, you can customize almost every factor of your tool, and the house screen is the satisfactory vicinity to start. Android permits among 1 and seven domestic monitors depending on what device or launcher you’re using. This permits you to arrange your heavily used apps via putting like apps on the equal display screen. To place an app, open your app drawer, press and hold the app you want to the vicinity and drop it wherein you want it on your house screen. You can then move apps inside the same manner, press and hold the icon – drop it where you want it.

The subsequent manner to customize your private home display screen is to add widgets. To add a widget, long press an open area of your private home screen. A new menu will pop up. Select “Widgets” and scroll via the list, then select something widget you wish to the vicinity. A new menu will pop up asking you what size you need your widget to be; once you pick out the scale, you are finished! You can pass your widgets just like app icons by urgent and preserving them.


As you likely saw while adding your widget, you can upload shortcuts, folders and exchange your wallpaper with the aid of long urgent an open region on your house display. Folders are great to preserve your property screen organized and uncluttered. To upload apps or shortcuts to a folder, definitely drag and drop them into the folder. You can add shortcuts like a direct dial and direct messaging for people you touch regularly. Changing your wallpaper is another awesome manner to customize your device.

Deleting App Icons and Widgets – Now that you’ve ended up seasoned at adding stuff to your house display, you can feel the want to take away some things. Deleting app icons and widgets from your property screen is straightforward. Just press and preserve anything you desire to remove. When you achieve this, a small trash can icon will seem. Drag and drop the object, and it’ll be removed from your own home display screen. Be cautious. Even if you hold the object over the trash can for longer than 2 seconds, it will be uninstalled.

Downloading Apps – There are an extra 2 hundred 000 apps in the Android market (as of the writing of this newsletter). Getting new apps is notably simple on Android. Enter the system app classified “Market” to your app drawer. Once you do, a plethora of apps, video games, and media may be at your fingertips. Download until your coronary heart’s content material, but be wary. Although it’s miles extremely uncommon, there have been instances of malware getting uploaded to the marketplace. Read through permissions previous to downloading an app. Make positive that an app isn’t always soliciting permission that it should not be (like if a calculator app desires access to your contact information).

Uninstalling Apps – If you have got too many apps and need to do away with a few, you have got numerous ways to do it. The first way is to long-press the app icon, drag and preserve the icon over the trash can on your property screen, wait 2 seconds and drop the app within the trash – it’ll now be uninstalled. The subsequent manner to uninstall an app is to go to; Device Dettings> Applications> Manage Applications > scroll via your list of apps, and select what you want to uninstall. Follow the activates to uninstall the app. Yet, any other way to uninstall is to do it through the marketplace. While the market app is open, hit your menu button. Select “My apps” and scroll via your apps to locate the one you wish to uninstall. Select the app and follow the prompts on the display screen to remove it.


Now you understand quite a few not unusual android phrases, the way to personalize your tool, and how to deploy/uninstall apps. You are well in your manner of turning into an android pro! Remember to maintain exploring your tool; you by no means know what cool new element you’ll locate. Thanks for studying this guide; I desire it helped. Be sure to inform your buddies!

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